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We are a professional and friendly firm of commercial and financial Wirral based accountants, who help small and medium sized business to save tax, grow and develop. We offer genuine support and guidance to our clients and completely remove the worry, anxiety and stress that the UK tax system and other authorities place on businesses and their owners.

The Director of FD Analytical is both a chartered accountant AND a chartered management accountant which enables us to offer supreme tax, financial and business support to all of our clients.We are cloud accounting experts and are certified Xero, SageOne and Quickbooks partners who enable us to offer the most appropriate accounting software solution to you and your business.

We have fixed fees, so you know and understand, up front, exactly how much you will be paying for our services. All our fees can be paid in monthly instalments or annually, interest-free.

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Please don’t talk to another accountant under you have spoken to us at FD Analytical

If you have ever walked past auditors offices and felt a little intimidated, felt a little bit unimportant, perhaps, like you’re not big enough for their time or attention? Maybe, they’re too old fashioned, unorganised or just don’t respond to your queries, or when they do, it might as well be in a different language!? If so, this isn’t unusual at all.

That's  Why Business Owners Come To Wirral Chartered Accountants

At FD Analytical, we have the utmost respect for business owners and entrepreneurs. As chartered accountants who have worked within companies, we understand the risk business owners take when setting up their own business, or company (particularly if they have a mortgage and family. We know how daunting and lonely it can be – that’s why as part of our accountancy services, we offer regular meetings with you to have informal chats with you about YOU and YOUR business. 

We can talk about how your business is going, what your ideas for the future are or what concerns or worries you have? 

With over 17 years’ experience within the firm there probably aren’t too many scenarios that we haven’t seen before, so we CAN and WILL help and support you.

FD Analytical - Everything that you might expect from a Wirral Chartered accountant AND MORE, all delivered is a friendly, personable and certainly non-intimidating way.

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If you’re a new or start up business who would like genuine business support in addition to someone that you can trust to look after your bookkeeping, payroll, and tax affairs, we can; Set up you company or register your business with HMRC.

We can register ourselves as an agent of you and your business, so that you fall under our protection; we can deal with any and all HMRC and Companies House questions and correspondence on your behalf.

If you need to employee somebody, we will register you as an employer, prepare your payslips and deal with all of the associated administration.

We will completely take away the burden of tax, book keeping and accounts on your business. One step further?...

If you need a business bank account, we can advise you on some of the most pro-active, best value banks and even help to set your business up with an overdraft facility if required.

Help your business to raise funds for the purchase of equipment or machinery.

Set you up on a fantastic cloud-based finance system that can monitor your business performance and even allow you to access this on your PC, tablet or mobile phone!

Give you access to our massive data room of business documents and templates to help you run your business such as; chase payment letters, contracts of employment and much more!

Established Businesses

If you’re an established business, we can;

Review EVERY aspect of your tax position – are you as tax efficient as you could be? We’ll let you know!

If you’re VAT registered, we’ll make sure that you are enrolled, in the most efficient VAT scheme available to your business.

We will help you to claim capital allowances, annual investment allowances and research and development tax credits – the taxman could end up owing you money!

Develop a fantastic business plan and forecast for your business, so that you can see exactly where your business is going and how it will develop and grow.

Help your business to raise funds for the purchase of equipment, machinery or new business premises.

Need to plan for the future? We can also help you find suitable pension and life insurance policies to help protect you and your family, all designed is a REALLY tax efficient way.

Are you looking to EXIT your business?

If so, we’ll help you to sell your business or consider other plans such as transferring the business to your family, management team or another party.

PLUS, We’ll minimise any tax due on the sale of your business by reviewing the availability of entrepreneurs relief or the existence of overlap profits.

Property or “Buy to Let” Landlords

If you’re a property investor or landlord, we can completely remove the burden and worry of property accounts and self-assessment tax returns from you.

We will prepare your qualified tax capital accounts for you, while helping to ensure that;

You do not “breach” your bank or mortgage covenants (and potentially void your mortgage)

Sign off and authorise your accounts, as a firm of fully qualified, Chartered Management Accountants, ensuring that they are accepted by all of the major banks and building societies.

Prepare and submit your annual self-assessment tax return, thoroughly discussed and explained to you.

One step further?...

If required and using the accounts that we prepare for you, we could even assist you in re-mortgaging your property (to a less expensive interest rate or to release equity) or raising funds to purchase further properties.

Employees and directors earning £50,000 and above

Since the introduction of the child tax credits limit, the vast majority of staff and managers with annual earnings of £50,000 and above are required to complete an annual self-assessment tax return.

If you are in this position, we understand that you only want this matter completing and submitting in time, in the most tax efficient way and avoiding any fines or penalties, and that’s what we do.

One step further?...

If required and using our tax expertise we could also help to advise you on potentially huge tax efficient opportunities.

Would you like to talk with us? We’d love to hear from you

Give us 60 minutes of your time; that’s ALL we ask.

Whether you have an accountant, need an accountant or are currently doing your accounts, come and meet with us for just 60 minutes, we’ll make it worthwhile.

During our 60 minute sessions, we will have a chat with you about your business and where you want it to go and grow. We will;

Give you some fantastic tax saving strategies and tips that will save you £’s

and Give you some excellent valued advice about how to fund your business and enable you to purchase the machinery and equipment necessary to start up and grow.

PLUS – we’ll give you a free copy of our bespoke business bookkeeping system


Set you up with a cloud-based accounting system for FREE (such as Xero, Quickbooks or Sage)

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